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Ask away !   Catherine. 20 going on 21. Chicago. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Future dietitian.

Treat others the way you want to be treated

and you’ll get bunch of bullshit in return.

Super fed up with people. I guess expected too much.

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Tuesday : Final speech
Wednesday : Econ 3rd (and final) exam
Thursday : Public speaking final exam (joke)


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Women in wedding dresses. There’s nothing like it.

Stunning dress



Women in wedding dresses. There’s nothing like it.

Stunning dress

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Microeconomics class @CLC

First 30 minutes of class = rant about how global warming isn’t real.

Then he lectures you for about 10 minutes. and goes off talking about something that has absolutely NOTHING to do with econ. Oh then comes back to talking about the powerpoint. Then after like 15 minutes…. there he goes again. Talking about something else. Today, it was about how he doesn’t like KFC… and that we should eat Popeyes instead. Previously, he talked about donating organs, politics, useless-ness of designer bags, etc.

I literally just doodle, scroll through fb, tumblr, and pinterest during the lecture…. and I got 100% on the last exam.

The class is suppose to be from 9am-11:45am. He lets us out at around 11am every day. If he doesn’t rant about pointless stuff, he could technically let us out at like … 10. Or start the class at 11am. aklsdjflkajsdklajldksfjalksjdfl. rantrantrantrant. whine whine whine.

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Anonymous asked: Wow! Your diet looks insane! And you work out so much???? How do you have the energy from eating so little? So strong!! How much weight have you lost??


It honestly was not that bad ! I didn’t workout for the first 3-4days just cause I did not have any energy to do so. (Since my work requires me to stay standing for 4 hours, constantly moving around.. that was enough of a workout for me). But after that, things were pretty easy. The meals are surprisingly filling, and the workouts I did weren’t all that hardcore. Just 2-3 blogilates videos a day :) and I cheated here and there doing the modified versions haha.

I lost 4-5 pounds from the this diet, and about extra 1-2 pounds after I was done eating by the meal plan. But depending on the weight you’re starting from, you might lose more (or less) ! 

If you’re thinking about giving Denmark a try, make sure you keep in mind that dieting this way is just a quick, temporary fix. You’ll gain it right back (and trust me, …..you might find yourself weighing more than the starting weight) if you don’t work hard to maintain it !

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whine whine whine.

planned on visiting a friend of mine living in chicago. PLAN DELAYED/RUINED CAUSE OF WORK.

planned on visiting another friend who just moved to Cali this summer from Korea…. ALSO CANCELLED CAUSE OF WORK.

jakldsjfkldasjfklasjfkljasdkl really?…..

Whatever. I got my paycheck today, got 100% on the econ exam, annnnnnnd he’s coming home in 2 weeks.

Happy Catherine. :)

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